Coming Back from the Dead….

Coming Back from the Dead


Ahhhh, blogging……one of my life’s frustrations! LOL

I had such grand plans to keep my blog updated regularly but becoming overwhelmed with a small backlog when I first left on my road trip journey, as I didn’t blog at all during the first couple weeks, exhausted from driving all day. Then the backlog continues when I got overwhelmed with the amount of photos I have accumulated and to then cull them, do some small edits, put them into templates for the blog and of course write the blog.  I don’t know if it gets easier as you go along, but at the moment I truly believe all the bloggers out there that tell you to not have a blog unless you are willing to put in the work. I know the trick is to have posts written weeks in advance and to schedule them out, but I actually need to have something to schedule! Ha   I want to share all my photos and adventures so far, but what I have been writing while I have been on the road is not what I wanted my blog to be like. I have more just churned out posts to get them out there and that has in turn made me not like what I was doing and then I just felt defeated.

So here I am with a new plan to get things going again. Since I am so backlogged and want to write about what I am currently doing I have come up with an on how I want to post. I want to post a biweekly update on what has been happening within that time, then a post about the continuation of my adventure of where I left off (mostly photo essay style) and then the Friday Photo day. I will put myself on a schedule and will see how I get on.  Some fingers crossed and cheering me on would be awesome! 🙂 Here’s to getting back to the heart of it.

Back from the Dead

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